The bands first step was set by singer and guitarist Louis with his solo-project “Dawn of Descent“. Influenced by bands like “Kalmah“, Louis was able to establish a small international fanbase.

After 4 years of searching, he finally got supported by Philipp, Tobias and Stephan. These three men discovered the potential of “Dawn of Descent“ and joined the project happily. Soon after, a new name for the band was found – “Enchiridion“.

The quartette instantly started working hard and thus, after only half a year, the first EP “Silent Death Curse“ was released in June 2014. The EP contains newly recorded songs of “Dawn of Descent“ as well as new compositions.
After some successful live shows, the band started to record their first full-length Album in Summer 2015.

During the recordings for their debut Album, the group recruited a Keyboarder, David, who adds to the music’s atmosphere with his brilliant ideas.
Their first full-length Album “The Realm of Blackened Perdition” was released in August 2016.

Now “Enchiridion“ is all fired up and ready to conquer the metal-world. Prepare yourselves!